Once considered the “party school” of the UC system, UCSB is a highly rated, selective school, particularly known for its science and engineering programs. Located on 1,000 acres in Goleta, the campus might be one of the nicest you’ll ever step foot on, bordered on two sides by the Pacific Ocean. With 24,000 undergrads, it’s […]

Washington University in St. Louis Tour

WashU is a competitive school with strong academics across the board. WashU is mid-sized with 7,000 undergrads. The most popular majors are business, engineering, biology, social science, chemistry, biomedical engineering, philosophy-neuroscience-psychology, and premed. There are many research opps for undergrads and students rave about the collaborative environment. Students consistently talk about the ways in which […]

Reed College Tour

Located in Portland, OR, Reed is a small liberal arts college with 1,400 students. Reed attracts serious students, but has a non-traditional learning environment. Letter grades are not emphasized, professors give detailed feedback. There is academic rigor, but the environment is collaborative and non-competitive. You hear over and over at Reed that students love to […]