Washington University in St. Louis Tour

WashU is a competitive school with strong academics across the board. WashU is mid-sized with 7,000 undergrads. The most popular majors are business, engineering, biology, social science, chemistry, biomedical engineering, philosophy-neuroscience-psychology, and premed. There are many research opps for undergrads and students rave about the collaborative environment. Students consistently talk about the ways in which they’ve been able to pursue their interests at WashU-from taking a class here or there to pursuing a major in minor in areas that surprised them (this to me, is the true benefit of a liberal arts education-the space to get curious). There are five undergraduate divisions to choose from: engineering, arts and sciences, art, business, architecture and a 7:1 student to faculty ratio. The relatively new beyond boundaries program takes a cross-disciplinary coursework across the university. The school is truly committed to the growth of its students.

WashU’s campus is picturesque and adjoins a 169 acre huge urban park-Forest park. The campus has a midwestern feel and the warmth. Students talk enthusiastically about campus traditions and all seem to be passionate about something; but not necessarily competitive.

Students talk about how accessible Saint Louis is, and there is a lot to do both on and off campus. School spirit abounds; you get the sense from students how much they love the school. The social life on campus is thriving and students rave about the campus dining options.

WashU plays D3 sports, and ¾ of students play intramural and club sports are also popular. St. Louis has a lot to offer with a lot of activities from recreation to culture and sports.

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