Interview Coaching

Is your student ready for their college interview?

Did you know that at most schools, the admissions committee reads 100% of the alumni interview reports they receive? In the current landscape of college admissions, it’s not just about your application, essays and activities. Interviews offer Students the opportunity to advocate for themselves and provide the admissions committee with information they might not otherwise find in the application.

I have a customized plan to help your student better understand and prepare for what is expected from the process including:
• Protocol at initial contact
• Interview conduct
• Post-interview communication

I have been an alumni interviewer for Penn for 20+ years (this line of work precludes me from continuing to interview applicants) and chaired the Silicon Valley alumni interview committee for 3 years. I have conducted over 100 interviews personally and have an intimate understanding of what interviewers are looking for. I know first hand that an interview can make the difference in a college acceptance. If your student is looking for support during this process, I’m available for coaching and advice.