What to do if you can’t visit a school in person

As my current students are receiving admissions decisions from schools, and I have some students who are asking for advice about making a decision about where to attend without being able to visit a school. These are uncertain and unpredictable times; while a lot of schools are extending their decision dates, here are some ways […]

COVID-19 and the College Application Process

COVID-19 and the College Application process I’ve received a lot of questions about how the Coronavirus will impact college admissions; while it’s definitely thrown us all a curveball, here is some advice to help you navigate these uncertain times and even leverage this experience to your advantage. Please keep in mind the following: acceptance rates […]

Strategies to Navigate December: For High Schoolers

Returning from Thanksgiving break often sparks feelings of stress and anxiety in high schoolers. With projects and finals looming around the corner, I see students come in in states of panic and dread about the upcoming weeks. Here are some strategies I use to help the students I counsel; if your student needs help over […]