College Counseling

Our comprehensive college counseling services includes college advising for undergraduates, gap years, post-grad years and transfer students. We believe the college counseling process should be manageable, low stress and organized. We take a holistic approach to the college application process, highlighting students’ strengths, unique attributes and goals for themselves. Our college counseling process focuses on finding the right fit; somewhere a student will thrive and be successful for their entire college experience.

From identifying schools that meet your needs and goals to navigating the admissions and financial aid process, you will have a partner guiding you along the way.

Once we identify schools, we work with students and families to make sure deadlines are met, applications are completed, and all the details are completed successfully.

We are available to guide students all over the country and internationally. We have worked with students different states as well as several foreign countries.

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Educational Coaching

We help your student set goals, manage their time effectively, and learn how to be more productive in school so they have confidence and engage with others in their schools and larger community.

Our unique coaching method helps students stay organized, manage their time and develop a practical plan to create a balanced fulfilling experience during the middle and high school years.

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