Emory University

Located on just over 600 acres in suburban Atlanta with about 6,700 students, Emory offers a lot of options for undergrads. The campus has a main quad with historic buildings, but the school has invested in physical buildings, the most recent one being a Student center with dining facilities and various multi-use spaces. (Check it […]

Dartmouth Tour

Dartmouth is the smallest of the Ivies with fewer than 4,500 students, unlike other Ivies, there is a lot of focus on undergraduates (Dartmouth’s graduates schools are business, engineering and medical schools). Campus is picturesque; traditional architecture. The town of Hanover is bisected by the Appalachian trail and has restaurants and shops, but not a […]

How will you reinvent yourself as a result of COVID-19?

“What separates entrepreneurs, filmmakers, artists, and scientists who keep inventing? They keep reinventing themselves. They’re not afraid to experiment: tackle a new problem, try a new skill, take on a new collaborator, work in a new culture” ADAM GRANT I read this on Adam Grant’s feed a few nights ago and it got me thinking […]

USC Tour

As the only major private university in Southern California, once the privileged sibling to UCLA, USC can hold its own. Located on 225 acres close to downtown L.A., USC has a beautiful campus with a mix of tradition and modern buildings. The school has recently upgraded housing and buildings on campus and its nothing short […]