Loyola Marymount University Tour

Loyola Marymount is a mid-Sized with 6,000 students in LA. The 142 acre campus is a mile from the beach and overlooks the pacific ocean. The campus is close to Marina Del Rey and a short drive to Santa Monica.

LMU’s has a Roman Catholic foundation. Popular majors include management, marketing, communications, psychology, film and tv production, engineering and theater arts. The vibe is competitive but also relaxed. You hear from students that LMU is definitely what you make of it. There are plenty of opportunities for students who are motivated to take advantage of them. LMU’s core curriculum includes classes in faith and reason, virtue and justice, culture, art and society and science and has small class sizes. The school is known for its strong connections to L.A. for internships and jobs.

64% of students come from CA, 10% from abroad. 50% of students live on campus. There’s a modest greek life, plenty to do on and off campus, but it’s hard to get around outside of campus without a car. LMU is a Division one sports school, but doesn’t have a football team. If you are looking for a school with solid academics, sports and social life- and want to take advantage of the opportunities LA has to offer, LMU is worth considering.

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