Educational Coaching For the Individual

We develop a customized solution, unique to your child. Our goal is to help kids stay organized, manage their time and develop a practical plan to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life that promotes well-being and engagement with learning.


Educational Coaching (Grade 6-9)

We help with strategies for students to organize, plan and manage their time effectively in order to be confident, happy and successful.



College Counseling 9-12

We work with High School students starting in 9th grade to develop a plan and strategy for college. Each student has his/her own values, goals, personality, interests and experiences.  We partner with families and students to find the right the best place; where you will be engaged and make the most out of the college experience.


Writing Coaching 6-12

Our writing program is designed to help students come up with their own personal writing style and voice.

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