Reed College Tour

Located in Portland, OR, Reed is a small liberal arts college with 1,400 students. Reed attracts
serious students, but has a non-traditional learning environment. Letter grades are not emphasized, professors give detailed feedback. There is academic rigor, but the environment is collaborative and non-competitive. You hear over and over at Reed that students love to learn.

The most popular majors at Reed are: Biology, english, math, art, psychology, environmental science and physics. Faculty are on a first name basis with students and want to share their knowledge and treat students with respect and equality. ¾ of classes have less than 20 students. Reed students are described as: curious, thoughtful, independent, love ideas, and want to investigate and engage in conversations. ¼ of graduates go on to pursue P.h.D’s-the highest of any liberal arts college in the U.S..

More than 90% of students come from outside of Oregon and about 60% of students live on campus. Reedies, as they call themselves, are quirky, similar to the city of Portland itself. The canyon that intersects campus is a favorite campus feature. Portland is easily accessible as are the mountains and ocean. There is plenty of socializing on and off campus and students truly love the school. If you are a curious student and love learning for the sake of learning, Reed could be a good fit.

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