Post-Grad, Gap Year, Transfer

Sometimes going directly to college isn’t the right choice for students. Sometimes circumstances change while you are at college that require a change of course. Each year we work with a handful of students on an hourly basis who are pursuing PG, Gap or transfer opportunities.

Gap-Year or Post-Grad Year
The main objective we have in determining what the right path for a post grad year is to figure out what your goals are. A post-grad or gap year can be a terrific option for students for various reasons. Here are the questions we ask students:

  • Do you need an extra year of academic rigor or testing?
  • Do you need another year to strengthen athletic ability?
  • Do you need a break?
  • Do you have interests that you would like to pursue before you get to college?

    We will work together to discuss and review options. Many of our students who take this path work on college applications while they are pursuing a gap year or PG year.

    Sometimes students get to a college and want to make a change. This is a complicated process and requires work in terms of figuring out why the student chose the college they are at, and what they are looking to change. This process is complicated and transfer applicants are reviewed differently at each college. We help guide students to find the right fit, in addition to ensuring they have the required classes at the school they are transferring to. Once this happens, the process is similar to the college application process. Reach out for a complimentary consultation.