Villanova University Tour

Located in Villanova, PA, a mainline suburb of Philadelphia. 6,500 undergraduates. 65% of students are Catholic. Proud of Catholic history but also open to students from all backgrounds.

Undergraduates study in the School of Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering or Nursing. Students apply into major for all schools except for Arts and Sciences; major is selected later. Villanova students can major in one school and minor in a different one. Most popular majors include finance, engineering, nursing, economics, social sciences, biology, communications. Villanova offers 50+ majors. About 40% of classes have less than 20 students. Courses are challenging, but students talk about how engaged professors are.

Community service is a big part of the undergraduate experience at Villanova. Students take it seriously and are excited about the service aspect of the school.

20% of students come from Pennsylvania, there’s a big East coast representation at school. Villanova participates in DI sports. The success of their basketball team has added to Villanova’s popularity over the past few years. School spirit is a big part of school and students are enthusiastic about sports. About 35% of students participate in Greek life, but the other activities (including sporting events) mean there is always something to do. Philadelphia is a 20 minute train ride away. Villanova’s alumni network is strong and the location of the school being about 2 hours from New York and 3 from D.C. make it a great place for internships and job opportunities after college.

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