Dartmouth Tour

Dartmouth is the smallest of the Ivies with fewer than 4,500 students, unlike other Ivies, there is a lot of focus on undergraduates (Dartmouth’s graduates schools are business, engineering and medical schools). Campus is picturesque; traditional architecture. The town of Hanover is bisected by the Appalachian trail and has restaurants and shops, but not a ton going on. Boston is the closest city and is about two hours away. The winters in Hanover are no joke and Dartmouth is known for its ties to the outdoors (the outing club is the most popular club on campus).

Dartmouth’s most popular majors are Engineering, bio sciences, computer science, government, english, and history. All freshmen are required to complete a First year writing intensive, and Dartmouth has a Foreign language proficiency requirement. All students must also complete ten courses in liberal arts and sciences, and a senior project is also required to graduate. Students rave about professors and their focus on undergraduates. The thing about Dartmouth is that given its location, professors really have to want to work there. So, they are committed to teaching and engaged.

The D-Plan is unique to Dartmouth; 4 10-week terms – gives students the freedom to take off when they want – study abroad is very popular. Sophomore summer is part of this; all rising juniors stay on campus with your entire class and take a full slate of courses.

Students at Dartmouth value the school traditions and academics. The school has had a long history of partying, which still continues but seems more balanced now. Social life is focused on campus. Just under half of students participate in the Greek system. Students who enjoy the outdoors are drawn to Dartmouth. Because of setting and environment, there is a particularly strong bond amongst students. Dartmouth’s alumni network is also very strong and alumni have strong ties both to Hanover and the campus.

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