What to do if you can’t visit a school in person

As my current students are receiving admissions decisions from schools, and I have some students who are asking for advice about making a decision about where to attend without being able to visit a school.
These are uncertain and unpredictable times; while a lot of schools are extending their decision dates, here are some ways to connect with schools if you want to get more information about a college without being able to leave the house.
Virtual information sessions:
Many schools are having virtual information sessions where admissions officers discuss the schools’ philosophy, curriculum and what the student body is like.
Online Q&A sessions:
Sign up for an online Q&A session- even if you don’t have questions, it might be helpful to hear what kinds of questions other students are asking and it might inspire your own.
Request an appointment with an admissions officer
Request an appointment to connect virtually with an admissions officer if you have specific questions you want answered in a non-public forum.
Join the admitted students forum online
Do the people in the group seem like people you would get along with? These are your potential future classmates.
Other online resources:
College YouTube Channels, podcasts, blogs, newspapers, social media and webinars.
Connect with a current student
Many schools are offering to connect prospective students with current students via tour guide pages…or reach out directly to the admissions office.

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