COVID-19 and the College Application Process

COVID-19 and the College Application process

I’ve received a lot of questions about how the Coronavirus will impact college admissions; while it’s definitely thrown us all a curveball, here is some advice to help you navigate these uncertain times and even leverage this experience to your advantage.

Please keep in mind the following: acceptance rates will likely rise as we move forward, campus tours and visits are cancelled which means that demonstrated interest will be most likely overlooked or weighed less heavily this year, colleges are trying to keep up appearances despite these crazy times. I’m expecting more flexibility and generosity on behalf of colleges.

The April ACT has been rescheduled, the May SAT cancelled. Information from the College Board has changed every few days, they are now trying to figure out what to do about AP testing and are even considering at home testing options. I’ve already seen a few colleges say they will not be requiring the SAT and ACT for fall 2021 admission. We’ll see how the next few weeks and months unfold. My advice today is to register for a future date. If things change, your fees will be refunded.

My students are now doing online school for the first time. While it’s a new experience, I’m grateful that learning can continue at home. Of course being out of school will affect your path to college, but we’re not exactly sure how. Please keep in mind this is affecting students globally, including colleges and college admissions. You will not be penalized for this, but you can use this time to your advantage.

I recommend the following:
Make the most of your time during this period
Keep a routine
Keep up with your studies
Stay current with your college planning and assignments-not sure what you should be doing right now? Email me!
Research colleges, majors, college visits planned for spring break? Now is a great time to do some “virtual research”, take notes, keep engaged.
Keep in touch with your teachers: juniors especially, don’t forget about the teacher recommendations you’ll need next year. Your teachers are available to you. Email them!
Stay connected with your friends
Have extra free time? Here’s a list of things you can do:
Practice music
Learn something new through youtube
Find an online discussion group
Ted Talks
Work on practical skills: write and mail a letter, do a load of laundry, learn to iron, the list goes on.
Check on friends; have you noticed that the person sitting next to you in class hasn’t been active on a message board or Google hangout-send them a text, snap or email. As my son’s principal said, “there are lots of opportunities for heroes to emerge. If your student is able to push one of their peers across the finish line this semester with some time, attention and encouragement, they’ll be a hero…”

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