The Extremes of Helicopter Parenting

If you are anything like me the “Operation Varsity Blues” college racketeering scandal completely sucked me in yesterday. Cheating, bribery, faked learning disabilities; it’s helicopter parenting at its most extreme. While the FBI papers read like a Riverdale episode, what struck me was the lengths parents were willing to go to. Not for their kids, […]

Test Optional/Flexible Colleges and How They are Game Changers

I went to a great talk last night put on by the Sequoia Union Parent Ed Series. If you haven’t attended one of their events, I highly recommend them. The topic of last night’s event was Twenty Years in College Admission—What Has Changed, What Hasn’t: Reflections from Both Sides of the Desk. The legendary Alice Kleenan interviewed […]

benefits of mindfulness and meditation for kids

Jim Wiltens, who teaches fabulous leadership classes for elementary and middle school students is one of my favorite resources for students. As he says,”extraordinary people are ordinary people with extraordinary habits”. Jim teaches leadership in a tangible way to students; giving them tips and tricks they can implement immediately. Meditation and mindfulness are high on […]